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How can I lift and tighten my face non-surgically?

Age related changes to the face include increasing laxity of the skin, wrinkles, drooping of the subcutaneous tissue and underlying tissues. Traditionally, lifting and tightening of the skin and associated tissues has been done surgically. More recently, less and less people have been opting for surgery including

  • Those with minimal facial changes where surgery is not warranted

  • Those who are unfit for surgery, for example people on aspirin (risk of bleeding) or those with allergies to local anaesthetics (injectable painkillers)

  • Those who would like to delay surgery as much as possible, and in the meantime try to achieve some skin tightening/lifting with less invasive non-surgical procedures.

With new technology and techniques, it is now possible to lift and tighten the face without surgery. These techniques are minimally invasive and require no significant recovery period in most cases.

What options do I have?

Options for non surgical face lifting include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, microneedling and HiFu treatment.

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